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An International Conference on the Fundamentals of Plastic Deformation

To be held at the

"La Colle-sur-Loup"
French Riviera, France

September 13-17, 2004

Abstract for oral presentation before February 29, 2004
Abstract for poster presentation before July 1, 2004
Registration and lodging from March 15, 2004 to July 1, 2004

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Executive CommitteeOrganizing CommitteeScientific Committee
B. Devincre (LEM, France)B. Devincre (LEM, France)A. S. Argon (MIT, USA)
K. Edagawa (Tokyo Univ., Japan)D. Rodney (GPM2, France)E. Arzt (MPI Stuttgart, Germany)
D. Juul-Jensen (Riso, Denmark)P. Veyssière (LEM, France)D. Bacon (Liverpool Univ., UK)
L. Kubin (LEM, France)D. Banerjee (DMRL, India)
L. Levine (NIST, USA)V. Bulatov (LLNL, USA)
J. Moriarty (LLNL, USA)D. Caillard (CEMES, France)
H. Mughrabi (Erlangen Univ., Germany)P. Hähner (JRC, Netherland)
A. Needleman (Brown Univ., USA)R. Hoagland (LANL, USA)
S. Roberts (Oxford Univ., UK)E. Kuramoto (Kyushu Univ., Japan)
D. Rodney (GPM2, France)F. Nabarro (Witwatersrand Univ., South Africa)
R. Selinger (CUA, USA)C. Teodosiu (Paris Nord Univ., France)
P. Veyssière (LEM, France)R. Thomson (USA)
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