Dislocations 2004: Presentation formats

Oral presentations

  • Each session of the conference will include one invited talk of 20+10 minutes and three oral presentations of 15+5 minutes. The timing for each presentation (day and session) will be posted on the conference web site link at least 15 days before the conference start.
  • Equipment for electronic presentations will be provided including LCD video projector and computer. Overhead projector also will be available. Authors are kindly suggested to bring a hard copy (transparencies) of their presentation for possible needs.
  • If convenient, electronic files for the presentations in '.pdf' or '.ppt' formats can be emailed before the begining of the conference to dislo04@onera.fr . These presentations will be tested and uploaded on the conference computer.

  • Poster presentations

  • Format for the Poster presentations is 100x200 cm (width x height)
  • Posters will be mouted mounting during the morning break of each day ending with a posters session.

  • Conference facilities

    LCD video projector, computer connection on request
    Overhead projector
    HF Microphones
    High speed internet
    Web and e-mail access

    Last update: 20/08/04